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CoreNet Global is a non-profit association, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (US), representing more than 11,000 executives in 50 countries with strategic responsibility for the real estate assets of large corporations. 
The Singapore Chapter is Asia’s most active and ethnically diverse Chapter, with over 280 senior members representing a unique blend of global and local organisations. We also partner with local universities to nurture the next generation of CRE leaders from our student community.

We proactively design events featuring top calibre speakers who challenge the status quo. Activities are highly interactive breaking the traditional mould and our social events bring members together to network, learn and share. 

With the impact of Covid-19, we are focusing on a series of digital and virtual initiatives which centre on CRE connectivity and Business Resilience.


Our mission is to advance the practice of corporate real estate through professional development opportunities, publications, research, conferences, and chapter networking groups.
We aim to broaden our network, raise the profile of corporate real estate, serve as the profession’s voice and thought leader, championing the profession’s development and maturity.


End Users are corporate occupiers and corporate tenants forming the industry’s demand side. The end user membership base is diverse and spans industries including high-tech, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, healthcare, insurance and oil and gas.


Service Providers are strategic partners and outsourced service partners forming the industry’s supply side. Virtually all corporate real estate departments partner with external service provider companies to deliver services needed to acquire, maintain and dispose of real estate. These services include but are not limited to brokerage, site selection, architecture and interior design, lease administration, facilities management, and technology platforms. One of the long-term trends in the CRE profession is toward leaner, smaller internal CRE teams focused primarily on strategy and client relationship management, with growing dependence on external service provider companies for tactical delivery and execution. Those external service providers are also members of the association.

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